O tânără din Africa, designer și model, a devenit celebră datorită coafurilor inedite pe care sculptează pe propriul păr.

Laetitia KY este din Coasta de Fildeș și reușește să își sculpteze părul în cele mai creative coafuri, de la mâini uriașe care țin o poșetă la continentul african sau chiar pancarde activiste precum BLM (Black Lives Matter).

KY spune că a fost mereu fascinantă de hairstyle, dar i-a venit ideea de a face o formă de artă din aranjatul părului, admirând coafurile complicate ale femeilor din triburile africane.

Folosind mici bucăţi de sârmă ascunsă şi ţesătură, tânăra este capabilă să sculpteze părul în aproape orice formă imaginabile în doar câteva minute.

#tbt 2017 !! The first photo serie ive made that became viral !!! I was there with my 4000 flws and in a night it reached 10000. I was like omg wtf ???? All these people really like what i do ?? 😭😭. Since this soooooo much things happened. Opportunities, disappointments, joys, cries... im so proud of this journey even if it's the beginning and i still far far far away of what i want to reach. Everyday i grow as an artist and person. Im extremely grateful to have you all by my side and having my back. Feeling that im not alone is a wonderful thing. I love every single person that support me. Thank for helping me to never give up even when im through my worst times. Thank you for all single like, comment and share. I have a lot of biiiiig and crazy projects. And even if i dont know how to achieve all of them im confident that i will realise all my dream cause i have you with me. I feel like i cant fail. Frlm the bottom of my heart, Thank you for the love. #grateful

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October is the breast cancer month awareness ! Do you know that one in nine women is at risk for breast cancer and that breast cancer kill more that 500.000 women each year in the world ??? Do you know some men can have breast cancer ? This is scary. We should fight to save lifes. Researchers have identified hormonal, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors that may increase your risk of breast cancer. If its hard to act on the genetic part of the risk to prevent breast cancer, WE DEFINITELY CAN ACT on the environment part by living the most healthy life we can !!! - choose home cooking instead of industrial food. I have a rule! If nature dont make it, i dont eat it. Do everything yourself. The food industry is there to make profit and not to take care of your health. Its your responsability to take care of yourself. They will add dangerous chimic product and a lot of sugar for the taste but who think about your health ???? Do all you food at home and choose natural product for it. - reduce your red meat consumption - stop drinking alcool (or drink less) and stop smoking (this is hard i know but you can do it) -reduce dairy -consume good fat - eat more fruits and vegetables - Work out a little (you dont have to go at the gym. Take only 10 minute if you want to walk? Swim? Dance ? Whatever you like and that can make you move Also dont forget to listen to your body. Never neglect some unusual sign. Change to the skin texture or color, pain of the breast or the nipple, nipples inversions, swelling... etc. Dont neglect anything cause sooner the diagnostic is done more the chance of healing are high... Im praying for every person that go through this or have someone in his or her family involved. I also salute the survivors! YOU ARE REAL FIGHTER #breastcancerawarness #octobrerose #pinkoctober

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I am addicted to art and you? Tell a positive or funny element you are addicted to !!! More seriously if you are reading me and you have an addiction that affects you negatively that you want to erase, (alcohol, drugs, medicine, person, object), know that I am with you and I believe in you. I hope the universe will give you the strength to do that. I know its not easy but You are stronger and braver than you imagine. I wish you to attach only to things that will improve your life and make you happy. If you have one of your loved ones in this situation, I wish him the same and to you to have the strength and patience to help him. Everything will be alright. #braids #braidart #cigarette #addiction

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I was born and raised in Africa, in Ivory Coast. And even if I always knew what racism was, it's only very late in my life that I was confronted to it. And again I lived it in its sweetest forms. Many times I have been afraid for my life because I am a woman, but never because I am black. But all over the world people who look like me die unjustly, are imprisoned unjustly, are mistreated, discriminated in all aspects of life just for their skin color. This does not happen only in the United States. Adama a young 24 year old man was killed in france by a police officer and his last words was the same as George Floyd "i cant breath"... Violence against black people, murder of my people happen in every non black country... enough is enough. I have big dream that go further than the borders of my country. Now im afraid to die while i will be abroad chasing my dream just cause im black. It shouldnt be one of my scare. I am a woman and i will never stop fighting for women rights BUT IM ALSO BLACK and from now i will fight like one. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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