Traian Basescu and Nicolae Vacaroiu congratulated, separately, the new elected French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Of his position of "president of Romania" Basescu sends Sarkozy "kind regards" and says: "Your election makes me happy also from the perspective of the Franco-Romanian cooperation". He added: "By assuring you of my loyal friendship, I hope I could meet you as soon as the chance arises, please accept, dear Mr.President, my deepest consideration". The "interim President of Romania" Nicolae Vacaroiu sends Nicolas Sarkozy "warm regards" and expresses his conviction that "new opportunities for the development of the cooperation relationships between Romania and France will be generated". Vacaroiu adds: "Please receive, dear Mr. President, my very high consideration for you". PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu and the PD (Democrat Party) leadership have also sent congratulation messages to Sarkozy. Tariceanu greeted Sarkozy's victory in election and expressed the hope that the collaboration relationships of the Romanian and French authorities will continue. Cioroianu expressed his hope that, after Nicolas Sarkozy 's becoming president, Romania and France are able to continue the same good collaboration, if not even have a better one, within the European project the Member States have before them. (A.H.)