The 26th of April celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day. At the Ministry of Culture and Cults (MCC), the leading board members of MCC and ORDA (the Romanian Office for Intellectual Rights) have talked about a delicate issue, the stealing of intellectual property. However, more pleasant issues, like the encouragement of creativity, have been discussed upon.  APRECIATION. At the end of the meeting, the ORDA general director, Rodica Parvu, gave awards and diplomas. This caused a lot of joy for Jurnalul National, because it was awarded the Excellency Diploma for the promotion of the Romanian traditional cultural values with the "Collection Issues that You Listen To". Rodica Parvu referred to the golden voices of the Romanian folklorists and fiddlers, like Dona Dumitru Siminica, Maria Lataretu, Romica Puceanu, which got to the readers of Jurnalul National in the form of CDs inserted the Collection Issues. The project started on the 26th of February this year with Gica Petrescu.