Alimentația intuitivă a fost soluția pentru această tânără.

Kiah Twisselman s-a luptat cu kilogramele în plus încă de mică. În tot acest timp, toate dietele și orele petrecute făcând sport nu au dat rezultate pe termen lung. Pierdea în greutate, dar imediat ce ieșea din rutină, punea kilogramele la loc mai repede decât le dădea jos.

Asta până când, în urmă cu doi ani a decis să urmeze câteva reguli simple:

  • Să se trezească cu o oră mai devreme

  • Să facă mișcare 30 minute în fiecare zi

  • Să bea mai multă apă

  • Să țină un jurnal

  • Și să mănânce intuitiv

Făcând aceste lucruri, tânăra a reușit să piardă 54 de kilograme fără diete stricte și fără ore petrecute la sală.

The only part of my body I used to like was my eyes. They are ice blue just like my dad’s, and the only part of my body I couldn’t consider overweight! I hated every other part of me. My arms were saggy. My legs lumpy. My stomach flabby. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, desperate to escape it. My desperation led me to sign up for countless fad diets. Maybe this would be the one, the quick fix that will make me beautiful and worthy. I thought that maybe if I was skinnier I’d finally be able to accept myself, I’d finally be able to live life with confidence. I’d start off each new diet strong, and then once I made the first mistake, I’d use that as evidence for why I was destined to fail again. Instead of giving myself grace and forgiveness, I’d spiral, piling on more shame and self-loathing. And then, to buffer away my emotions and disappointment, I’d eat. Food was my comfort, an instant release of dopamine to allow me to escape my feelings and discomfort. And so, the pattern would continue. Hate myself. Start a diet. Make a mistake. Hate myself more. Eat food. Gain weight. And repeat. This time, I knew things had to be different. I had to BREAK THE CYCLE - a cycle that I had created in my own mind. I knew I needed to learn to love myself FIRST, instead of focusing on the diet or exercise plan, as if my physical appearance was the solution to my problems. You, as you are, are beautiful, worthy, and whole. When we learn to love ourself FIRST, our journey becomes fueled by our commitment each day to becoming our best, rather than by self-shame and punishment. When we love ourself first, we forgive ourself, we stop quitting on ourself, and we reach for more. Not because we hate who we are, but because we love who we know we were always meant to be.

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I used to let the excuse of poor genetics be a barrier for taking action, giving away my power to the belief that there was nothing I could do to change my life. But I had to ask myself - is that what I want to pass down to my nieces? To my own kids one day? Hell no. The best thing that happened when I started showing up for myself was the way it inspired the people I love around me to start doing the same. Between my brother and I, we’ve lost 175 pounds in the last year and a half. The only thing that makes me prouder is seeing the way it’s influencing my nieces too. Garrett made Quinn her very own kettlebell and mini pull-up bar by her request so she could be a part of his healthy routines too. When the tide rises, all ships rise with it. Obesity ends here. Believing that I’m a victim to my circumstances ends here. Holding on to excuses that don’t serve me ends here. Regardless of our situation, we ALWAYS have a choice - a choice to stick with the status quo and a choice to grow in the discomfort of change. Get out of your own way, be willing to be uncomfortable, say no to your excuses and yes to challenging what’s possible. Be the rising tide. Choose growth. 💪🏼

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It all started with five simple daily habits. 👇🏻 • move my body 30 minutes • wake up one hour earlier for me-time • write down 10 things I’m grateful for • give up one food that doesn’t bless my body • drink half my body weight in oz of water Practicing these five daily habits as part of @msrachelhollis’s #Last90Days challenge kickstarted my healthy journey, helping me lose 123 pounds and completely changing my life. Improving your life isn’t about making some scary, drastic change overnight. It’s about meeting yourself where you’re at and making small changes over time that you can actually stick with. Start small, stay consistent. Do you really want to change your life? Here’s how you do it: take one baby step forward EVERY👏🏼DANG👏🏼DAY. Not just for a week. Not just for a month. But for your life. During a time when so much in the world feels out of our control, what we can control is ourselves and how we show up daily. In all of this coronavirus craziness, I want to offer you my Healthy Habits Checklist to help you stay accountable to yourself while becoming the best version of you. ✨ Snag the download for FREE using the link in my bio. ✨ What baby step forward did you take today?

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