O fotografie spectaculoasă și detaliată a lunii.

Andrew McCarthy este un fotograf pasionat de astronomie. Imaginea pe care urmează să o vedeți a fost realizată chiar din curtea artistului, dar pare făcută de un satelit care gravitează în jurul lunii.

Interesant este faptul că imaginea este compusă din 24.000 de mii de fotografii realizate separat. McCarthy a realizat aceste imagini în doar 45 de minute, folosind un telescop de 2000 mm. Apoi, a ales fotografiile cele mai clare și le-a editat astfel încât rezultatul să fie această imagine extraordinară.

Cum vi se pare fotografia?

Join me on the dark side! You've never seen the moon like this, because it is impossible from Earth. Our moon is tidally locked, meaning the same side will always face our planet. By blending my own photos with data provided from NASA, JPL, and the LRO, I was able to create a simulation of what we would see if the moon was spun 180°. I really hesitated to share this image, being CGI, it is the only image of it's kind on my profile. However, I think it offers such a unique view and a chance to educate, I decided to share. I haven't seen many images like this out there. The uncropped full 125 megapixel version of this image was shared exclusively with patrons, check the link in my bio for details.

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Swipe to land on the moon! This is last night's 96% illuminated moon in 81 megapixels. This is a mosaic put together from 40,000 individual image frames, stacked and sharpened to average out the atmospheric turbulence and improve overall image fidelity. This phase shows some nice details along the Oceanus Procellarum, the largest sea on the surface of the moon. I decided not to push the colors as far as usual, and instead tried to show you exactly how it looks when viewed through the telescope eyepiece. To get the full size of this or any of my other work- check the link in my bio for my patreon.

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I'm obsessed with this ball of rock. This is last night's first quarter moon, the first I've been able to capture since the wildfires started here in California. I pushed my equipment fairly far here, trying to get the details as crisp as possible. This is the result after shooting around 24,000 individual frames and combining them to eliminate atmospheric turbulence while giving me an image with more fidelity than otherwise possible. If you would like to explore the lunar surface, I uploaded the high quality 85 megapixel image to my patreon for your downloading pleasure, as well as mobile and desktop wallpapers. No more limited edition prints, but it'll be in my main gallery.

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