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Se spune ca trebuie sa investesti in talent. Un artist din Australia respinge normele si a reusit sa faca din desenele schitate de el postari virale care au atras atentia asupra lui. Insa nu pentru cat de bune sunt, ci mai degraba pentru cat de caraghioase sunt. Tanarul este extrem de activ in spatiul social media si a ajuns sa depaseasca 160.000 de urmaritori, vedetele preferate carora le face caricaturi fiind mai ales artisti din lumea hip-hop.

Corey a reusit sa atraga atentia asupra dupa ce a postat desene pe pagina sa de Instagram, mentioneaza boredpanda.com. Doar ca acelea nu erau doar niste portrete, ci niste caricaturi aparte facute unor celebritati.

Originar din Australia, Corey este inregistrat pe Instagram si Twitter - Tw1tter Picasso, respectiv Ballpoint Papi. Tanaraul a depasit peste 160.000 de fani care il urmaresc, in doar sase luni de activitate.

"Imi place sa-i fac pe oameni sa rada. Unul dintre cele mai bune lucruri care mi se intampla din toata aceasta chestie este cand oamenii imi spun ca vin pe pagina mea ca sa rada, mai ales cand isi infrunta problemele din viata de zi cu zi. Sunt destui oameni carora nu le plac desenele mele, dar atat timp cat pagina mea face oamenii fericiti, atunci nu conteaza ura pentru mine", a declarat artistul.

Cateva dintre operele expuse in galeria virtuala:

Retail jobs

@eminem fan art

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@wizkhalifa fan art

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@fergie fan art. For this piece I had to use an extremely rare ink found only in the rare tasseled wobbegong species. This particular species is known to only swim in the warm oceans of New Zealand so I had to pick up the strenuous part time job of buying alcohol for high schoolers - which is why it took me a full 2 days to gather the $10,000 needed for flight and hotel fees. After landing on the foreign soil of New Zealand and spending my entire trip milking odd looking sheep, I realized that the tasseled wobbegong was never a subcategory of sheep in the first place but rather a type of shark... I just couldn’t believe I thought simple sheep’s milk was the sacred wobbegong ink my family had told me about through legends of past. (but honestly after trying to start my masterpiece after my first session of goat milking, it made complete sense that I was just using milk as ink this entire time)That being said, I was saddened by the fact I had to go home with 0 bottles of tasseled wobbegong ink in my hands until I was lucky enough to stop by at the airport gift shop. To my surprise there it was.... the exact ink I was looking for this whole time. And of course below the bottle it was written - distributed in Australia.

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@hairweavekiller (2chainz) fan art. For this piece I was after a very rare ink so rare it can only be found at the top of an active volcano in the small town of papa New Guinea pig. I arrived and was greeted by my Sherpa Marauta, who would guide me to the top of the volcano. He told me legends about a demi god that guarded the ink, I thought he was telling fibs to try and scare me. I was wrong. It took us 3 gruelling weeks to climb the volcano. When we got to the top the temperature reached 200 degrees! The pen ink was protected by obsidian and everyone knows obsidian can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe! Marauta handed me the pickaxe and i mined for 2 days straight until reaching the ink! When I finally got to it the volcano flared up, the ground started shaking lava was everywhere and the demi god that went by the name Craig appeared. He told me that I had awoken him from his slumber and he was gonna cover the island with lava killing everyone! H said the only way to stop it was to feed the volcano with human life. I knew what had to be done. The ultimate sacrifice. I stood at the edge of the volcano, it was so hot! I closed my eyes, leaned forward and threw Marauta in the volcano. I done it! I saved the whole island and got the pen ink. Marauta left behind 14 kids and a wife. I hope they are doing well

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@amberrose fan art

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