Markus Ferber demanded Franco Frattini to analyze the possibility to apply the safeguard clause on Romanian Justice. He told Deutsche Welle that he was concerned about the latest events, as the Justice minister in Romania was belittling the independence of the National Anti-Corruption Department, advising the Romanian government to take better care of the promises made to Europe.
The MEP was also very critical of the UDMR attitude in the Parliament of Romania, mentioning his intention to propose to the EPP colleagues to take strict measures, even to expel the UDMR from the EPP, as the group in Romania did no longer fit the latter party's values. He said he had doubts that the UDMR realized what they had negotiated on with the EPP group in the Parliament of Europe and expressed disappointment that the UDMR had voted to suspend the President of Romania.
The EPP MEP opined that right now the European Commission was not firm about Romania and argued this was the reason for his decision to warn the Commission to be more careful with Romania, especially that its EU accession in January 1, 2007 had anyway raised some questions. (G.D.)