In June 18, 2006 Ditrau, the district of Harghita, hosted the reunion of the National Assembly of the Secui (Magyar-origin minority living in Transylvania). The leaders of Magyars demanding autonomy for the Secui Country elaborated a resolution on the principles of the self-governing the Secui are after. They point to rights such as "the self-governing of the Secui people, a component of the Magyar nation", "the decision on the provisory borders of the Secui County, including the historical Secui regions" and "the expressing and adopting of principles for self-governing in the Secui County."
Magyar leaders pleading for such autonomy are to meet in Sfantu Gheorghe this weekend and arrange details to carry out the resolution. They want a new National Assembly to take place in November 4, decide on a date to hold a Secui referendum and make arrangements for it. (...) (L.I.)