Marko Bela's UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) managed to silence the leaders of the CNS (National Council of the Secui, a Magyar-origin minority in Transylvania) and of the UCM (Civic Magyar Union) as well.
A few days ago, after a brief encounter with Marko Bela, the CNS leader Csapo Jozsef resigned out of the blue. Confidential sources claim this was because of Marko Bela's pressure on him. Sources say the UDMR president offered an imperative bargain, not very advantageous to the Secui: Bela asked the CNS leader that his group should lobby for the UDMR in exchange for parliamentary support to a referendum on the autonomy of the Secui County. Bela also set some drastic conditions for the bargain: the CNS would take no initiative related to the autonomy without the knowledge of the UDMR and any initiative would have to look like coming from the UDMR.
Csapo Joszef turned down the offer, claiming all the UDMR wanted was to make use of the Secui's political capital. (...) (R.G., R.P.)