Presidential adviser Theodor Stolojan expressed willingness to talk to Bucharest Liberals. Ludovic Orban, head of the PNL (National Liberal Party) in Bucharest, invited him to attend the meeting and explain his latest statements. Stolojan said he had no second thoughts about it and added it all depended on his schedule.
On the other hand, he explained that a meeting with Ludovic Orban only would be pointless: "I know Mr. Orban's view. If I were to meet with him only, we would both waste time." As for Orban's recent statement that Stolojan risked becoming a tool in the hands of those who wanted to destroy the PNL, the presidential adviser explained he didn't wish to comment: "I am not interested in Mr. Orban's comments, I know what to expect."
As for his comeback to politics, Stolojan mentioned he would talk to the Liberals to see whether they agreed to the party's present political management or not. He promised transparency for "selling the party" or "donating it." As for the time of such meetings, Stolojan said he was in no hurry. He outlined his intention was not to overthrow the government or PM Tariceanu. He added: "I intend no coup and I am not being blackmailed to start activity." (...) (O.B.)