BT Leasing, division of Transilvania Bank, estimates it will finance goods in amount of 77 million euros, an increase from the level of 42.5 million euros achieved last year, declared on Tuesday the General Manager of the company, Titus Nicoara.
"In the first nine months, the company financed goods in amount of 51.48 million euros, a 64.4% growth against the same period of last year", said Nicoara, at a press conference.
Over this period, the company concluded around 1 900 contracts, 100 more than in the similar period of 2006 and a portfolio of 3 446 clients.
"This year we had a fantastic growth in equipments and machinery, especially in the areas of construction, industry, for vans and transport. Last year we focused very much on the second hand car segment, but the first registration tax introduced this year determined us to mostly approach equipments ", Nicoara added.
He showed that BT Leasing registered a substantial increase in the second hand car segment, because its financing sources are not very cheap.
Financing for vehicles represented about 76% of the total in 2006, and the remaining 24% went to equipment and machinery. In the first quarter of this year, the ratio reversed, equipments totalling 83% of the total financing, and vehicles 17%.
Thus, in the first six months, the value of the financed goods advanced to 29.26 million euros, from 19.7 million euros in the similar interval of last year, while the net profit grew from 2.5 million lei to 5.41 million lei.
For 2008, company representatives estimate a value of the financed goods of around 125 million euros, to reach 220 million euros in 2009 and 330 million euros in 2010.
The company aims to finance in the period 2007 - 2010 goods in a total amount of 700 million euros and to attract 10 000 clients.