After taking to the Romanian President the EU official pleaded that Romania had to continue efforts to fight corruption and make progress with the reforms. He expressed appreciation for the progress made so far.
The EU official also appreciated the efforts taken to establish the National Integrity Agency and the government's activity against corruption. He explained he had talked to President Basescu about the energy field too and he claimed to be glad that Romania was an active supporter of the European Commission's view on energy. He actually meant the diminishing dependence on foreign sources and the consolidation of the domestic market.
After meeting with the Romanian PM, the president of the European Commission advised Romanian politicians to take the election of MEPs as an opportunity to initiate constructive debates on European issues. On the other hand he pointed to some deficiencies in agriculture, especially some related to the identification of pieces of lands. He argued that the European Commission was going to analyze the necessary measures without applying the safeguard clauses.
As for the PSD leader Mircea Geoana, after talking to the EU official he mentioned the latter wanted Romania to reach stable parliamentary majority and get an efficient government, which should make the country successful in the EU. (R.I.P.)