In October 2004, the ONPCSB (The National Office to Prevent and Fight Money Laundry) demanded analysis of the transactions involving Traian Basescu and businessman Costel Casuneanu. The very same day in 2000 the two had bought lands from the very same owner. Although the pieces of land were close to each other and almost equal as surface, Basescu paid much less than Casuneanu.
In 2002, the President sold his property to his sister-in-law of Costel Casuneanu for 4 times more money. He used the money to buy a villa he donated to his daughter Ioana a few days later, but also a Mercedes, bought from the same Casuneanu.
Basescu chose such tricks in order to avoid stating some properties in his statement on personal properties, the above-mentioned Office assumes.
The Office proposed the reactivation of a work related to the same case, in 2003 categorized as "passive case". The case was to reach the Prosecutor's Office, but it was muffled shortly after Basescu had become a President. The National Anti-Corruption Department searched on the monkey business too, but prosecutor Camelia Sutiman buried the issue in January 2005. (...) (D.C.)