While talking to the retired inhabitants of Slatina, Geoana promised not only that the new pension law would be promulgated, but also that the PSD would force the government into giving more alms. He promised the retired that the PSD would ask that 25% of a deceased spouse should reach the surviving husband/ wife. He also mentioned cable TV subscription for free, subscriptions to local publications for free, free access to Romanian traditional music concerts and plays, free medicine, allowance for children under 16 to meet their needs, lodging placed for young couples and other support for young families, such a subvention for a part of the rent.
Geoana also argued: "Whenever asking that a social measure be taken, we will also come up with the financial source. We will pressure the rulers to make them obey the PSD version of the budget plan, if they say they have no money for what we want to do." (R.A.)