PM Tariceanu and the vice presidents of the PNL (National Liberal Party) had a secret meeting in Victoria Palace on Monday evening with the two foreign advisers, Arthur Finkelstein and Tal Silberstein. Liberal sources say that, "given the disastrous score of the PNL in opinion polls", the Romanian PM promised to do his best to postpone the elections of MEPs in Romania. The foreign advisers reproached him and the PNL leaders for not taking their advice for the electoral campaign and they were critical of the decision to appoint Ludovic Orban to head the campaign staff.
Arthur Finkelstein and Tal Silberstein accused the Liberals of always jumping to respond to President Basescu's accusations and of ignoring the fact that the latter's opinion poll was improving due to political scandals. Sources claim: "The advisers also reproached us for overt participation to this initiative, although they had advised us not to give a hand to suspend President Traian Basescu." The vice presidents of the PNL insinuated in their turn that the two advisers weren't up to date with the state of Romanian politics and they insisted that Basescu's critique couldn't possibly be left without response.
Tariceanu displayed am opinion poll showing the PNL with only 10% in terms of electoral preferences. He explained that one month before the PNL had had 9%, whereas the Social-Democrats had enjoyed some 11%. (R.G.)