The Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin during the informal summit of the Independent States Community. The bilateral meeting took place last Sunday in Sankt Petersburg and the two officials analyzed the prospects to settle the Transdniester conflict and allow for the export of Moldovan wines to the Russian Federation again. But the two Presidents signed no document on the solution to the Transdniester conflict, press agencies in Chishinau claim.
Information leaking from Chishinau Presidency was claiming that Putin and Voronin were likely to sign a secret pact in Sankt Petersburg on the future of Transdniestria. Such a document was said to settle that Russian troops would stay in the latter territory for ten more years and that Transdniestria would be granted with special status within the Moldovan Republic, if Tyraspol representatives got high positions in the Chishinau government and if there emerged a common Parliament.
As they got worried, both the US and the EU informed Chishinau officials as clearly as possible that in the future they might stop providing any help in case of bilateral agreement between Russia and the Moldovan Republic concerning Transdniestria, behind the structure of negotiations (the Moldovan Republic, Transdniestria, Russia, the OSCE, Ukraine, the US and the EU).
Transdniestria was also the main issue tackled in the bilateral meeting between Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yushchenko during the Sankt Peterburg informal summit. The two Presidents agreed to take practical measures to reach a solution to this conflict. (G.D.)