Liberal leader in the European Parliament Graham Watson stated in an interview for NewsIn agency that Romania should avoid anticipated elections at any costs, so as not to miss the start in the EU and that, although difficult, the Basescu-Tariceanu cohabitation may produce beneficial results. He explained that a country wastes three-four months for elections. Watson also estimated that it would be sad for Romania to lose the start in the Union right when so many things happened, when there still were so many things to do and when it had to consolidate its position in the EU. A month ago, the ALDE leader accused Basescu of having split up PNL (Ro. for National Liberal Party) and of having used the platform supporters. The European Liberal even said he talked to Traian Basescu at the New Year's Eve, and had a very pleasant discussion, although they admitted they had different opinions, they were friends and would work together for the benefit of Romania and of the EU. (R.G.)